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Not available in all areas. Contact PSC to find out if PSCtv is available in your location.

PSCtv is your ticket to the latest in television programming from a local company. Whether you want the Broadcast Basic with 20+ channels including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS, PSCtv Prime with over 130 of the nation’s top television and music channels, PSCtv Preferred with 165+ great channels such as the Golf Channel, Hallmark, Biography, Do It Yourself, Fox College Sports channels or 10 HBO channels, 10 Cinemax channels, 12 Showtime Channels and 12 Starz/Encore channels, PSCtv has it. PSC – simple, convenient, reliable, local.

In addition, when you sign up for a PSC bundled package that includes the Call 150 or Call 300 Plan plus PSCtv, you will receive a Free Weekend Getaway.

PVR Now Available!